Upload your photos with your preset
Basic adjustments include: exposure, white balance, contrast, cropping, straightening and more
Black and white conversion on 20%
2 or 5 business day turn around time
Minimum 10 dollar order 

Your Images, Your Way


1. Import your images into Lightroom with your preset. Edit a few photos throughout the catalog as a guide.
2. Stay in the “Library” module. Choose Library > Previews > Build Smart Previews
3. Select all photos. Select File > Export as Catalog
   Save As: Studio Name, Date and Type of Session
              Uncheck ‘Export Negative Files’
              Check Build/Include Smart Previews
              Check Include Available Previews
4. Zip or compress the catalog
5. Checkout with desired turnaround time
6.Upload the compressed catalog and any additional presets to your folder (contact for link)
7. Email me if you have any additional information at            
8. Check email for completed catalog



Outsourcing your photos gives you time to focus on what you love, grow your business, and serve your clients with consistent and fast turnaround. I offer personalized service, learning just how you like your photos. Whether you like bright and airy, dark and moody or everything in between, I have edited it all! I love being able to serve fellow photographers and I look forward to getting to know you!

Welcome, Photographers!